Headphones for PlayStation VR is undoubtedly the best buy for the user today

From understated designs, to aesthetic and aggressive vibes, PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality) has been unapologetically eye-catching. Oculus, apart from some visual tweaks, hasn’t had major changes in its design since its release. HTC’s Vive is also known to be a great industrial performer. Sony’s Playstation VR (PSVR) is the most simplistic in design that reminds us of the sci-fi spaceship interior. There is a front panel in black and a rubber face mask. Tiny glowing blue lights – six lining the headset edges are noticeably chic. Headphones for PlayStation VR are not like regular VR headphones; they are more than ski masks squeezing your face and has a padded plastic ring fitted on your head.

Highly adjustable and feels lightweight

How to use PSVR headphones? Loosen the sides of the VR headphone with the push of a button. Stretch with a pull over your head and adjust with a dial in the back. This convenient feature allows you to let the headphone sit comfortably on your head. The screen in front almost provides a floating vision which makes you feel the imagery close to real. Also, you can easily loosen the front screen to adjust the focus, which means you can easily wear the headphones over your glasses. If you find normal headphones bulky and wearing them for a longer period of time makes you prone to headaches, then VR headphones brings good news for you! Headphones for PSVR are made with the user comfort in mind. The weight of the headphones is evenly distributed across your head, so it doesn’t push down on your forehead and cheekbones.

At 610 grams for the heaviest of VR headsets, the user still feels it’s the lightest.

Thoughtful design solves other subtle problems

With playstation headphones, normally you would get some lines around your eyes and a headache to accompany each time. But, VR headphones surely eliminates that. Even if you get few marks here and there, it would hardly be visible to tell tales about ugly mark lines. The reason for this is that these headphones are made of rubber sheets and not foam. It also blocks out light so you can focus entirely on the image in front of you.

More control at a great price

Two move controllers and a camera bundle up a great price for these products. At an average of $399 and above, Sony PSVR is certainly way cheaper than the Rift and Vive. With very little latency, games are quite smooth, which was a problem earlier in the Rift. The high-end headphone’s field of view is believable. If you own a phone that is compatible, it is incredible for today’s mobile gaming sessions. Though, mobiles do cut down on motion sickness, these do not provide the graphical performance and the much required comfort.

Outstanding features give more promise

There are several interesting touches to these headphones for PlayStation VR with inline remote for the power button. Toggle with a built-in microphone and connect your own wired set to the jack on the remote. There is a separate processor box that lets you plug into a power outlet. Also, connect it to your TV ‘s HDMI port and then to the PlayStation.

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