Head Alignment for WD disks

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WD-HA PRO is head alignment system for 3,5” Western Digital hard drives and transparent enclosure for the disk. The device is very precise and resistant.

Head alignment system

In the above-described enclosure it is possible to add an add-on, which enables head alignment for 3.5” Western Digital disks. This supplement enables us very precise changing of geometry of heads on these disks.


When trying to achieve proper head position, we rely on our sight (transparent disk lid) and hearing (the disk shouldn’t emit “strange” sounds). With the help of three micro threads arranged in a circle, 120 degrees apart, it is possible extremely accurate positioning of the head of the disk.

The entire device is mechanical and made very precise and resistant. Of course it can’t be compared with controlled laser devices that cost more than $ 100,000, although it gives remarkable results to an experienced operator. With this device, very large percentage of the disks, which would otherwise remain damaged, can be fixed.

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