How to rebuild a failed Raid?

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This guide provides a high-level introduction of actions required to reconstruct a failed RAID. Sometimes, the term “RAID restore” describes the procedure of the redundancy regrowth in RAID 5. We are nevertheless discussing basic elements of RAID data recovery.


So, if you discovered that RAID has actually failed then act according to the following strategy:

Determine and secure the present array state. Label the disks, cable televisions, ports, controller configuration.

Detach the range member disks and link them to the controller which is capable of dealing with separate disks. It can be either a non-RAID controller or a RAID-controller in single drive mode.
Introduce ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery and recuperate the variety parameters.

If the controller and RAID tracking software application allow you to build the selection without initializing it, then attempt to develop the selection in this mode according to the specifications figured out by ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery. Be really careful if you try this, since if you reconstruct RAID 5 with wrong disk order you will lose data; on top of that, a controller can initialize the selection with zeros.

In case of a hardware RAID, you can compose the variety to the disk utilizing the corresponding function of ReclaiMe Free RAID Recuperation and afterwards attempt to mount the disk in whatever os was utilized. If you have not got the disk large enough then you can build a short-term range and compose data on it. Anyhow, never ever write any information to the member disks of the initial array.

If you have a software application RAID – developed by LDM or mdraid, you require an information recuperation software. Here there are two alternatives:.
Develop a selection image file and load it to the information recovery item.

Somehow load the recovered range parameters to data recovery software application, bypassing the image part.

When data is conserved and checked (constantly open a minimum of numerous huge files to be sure that data is rebuilded appropriately), you can reconstruct the initial RAID and copy data back.

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