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California is at the forefront of information technology development. The leading advances in technology, programming and the very way we manage our societies and economy is developed in California.

The state of California is a highly urbanised state which is also the biggest consumer of energy in the US. This is not because of the technology and manufacturing sectors, but also because of the high population and urbanisation.

Even though California is a large consumer of electricity, it is also very environmentally progressive, with the Silicon valley spearheading the green initiative.


The percentage of the workforce employed in the technology sector has been at around 4,3% which is above the average in the US. Although some impact was felt due to the global crisis, the sector has remained functional.


What is fairly surprising though, is that the leading technology sector in California is not the information and computer sector, but high end manufacturing. Naturally we can not be surprised, since many of the worlds leading high tech companies are based in California.

Although manufacturing is still in the lead, trends have been observed which slowly show a shift towards provision of various information and high tech services. Manufacturing is slowly losing ground as the lead high tech sector in California.

The silicon valley

Known to the world as the most advanced centre for information technology, it houses the major corporations of the US and the world. Ever heard of Google, Ebay or maybe Facebook. Or does Apple ring a bell?



Indeed, the Silicone valley is a place of great potential and a synonym for technological advancement. It is interesting how far the Silicone valley has come. Starting out with some advantages over other areas (such as having a solid potential in its educated workforce and funding from the government and private sector) it has become an information and technology superpower of its own.

The San Jose area and Silicon valley as its core have over ten times the concentration of jobs in the high tech and computer sectors.

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