Web Hosting Packages With Hostgator And Services

Hostgator is a seasoned web hosting company with over 8,000,000 being hosted at the present time. The service clients in over 200 countries and have a staff of over 750 people. When someone is looking for a good hosting company, reliability stands way up front as being one of the most important aspects. When purchasing a hosting package a hostgator coupon code is a must.

Another great feature that is that there are no set limits on disk space or bandwidth as many service providers set down.


Hostgator also offers over 4,500 website templates from which to choose when designing your own website. So many times it is difficult to come up with that design that will be specific for the type of business that you offer, and Hostgator solves the problem here.

A Hostgator coupon code makes it easy to build your own website with their site’s builder program, as they walk you through the steps in a logical and easily learnable sequence. Adding pictures, labels, logos, email, and page links are as easy as walking through a doorway.

Hostgator offers a 24/7 live help desk and chat feature, just to be sure that everyone who has a question can get through to someone who can give them an answer. The remarkable fact about the Hostgator help desk is that the people with whom you will speak actually are very helpful and knowledgeable.

You are offered a total refund of all of your services if you are not completely satisfied with the services, no questions asked. The very first goal is to provide each and every customer 100 percent satisfaction, or their money will be returned.

Hostgator is the perfect hosting platform for the newer Internet user, as the setup and operation is very easy to learn, just as long as a person can take the time to read some directions and apply them. The instructions are very straight forward and once learned, they make lots of sense and are good directives for building a successful website.

There are three basic hosting plans that allow for 99 percent of all of the needs of anyone that intends to build a website and have it hosted one one of the most secure hosting servers in the world.
First there is the “Hatchling Plan.” This plan costs $3.96 per month and covers one single domain being hosted with unlimited disk space and bandwidth and a shared SSL certificate. It includes Sitebuilder

The second plan is the “Baby Plan” which costs $6.36 per month and offers unlimited domains being hosted, and unlimited band width and disk space along with a shared SSL certificate. It also includes Sitebuilder.

The third hosting plan is the “Business Plan” and it costs $10.36 per month with unlimited domains, bandwidth and hosted domains. It has a private SSL certificate and IP, and also has a toll-free phone number.

All of the plans have access to the world’s best and most used cPanel which gets you into the “guts” of your website. All in all, a hostgator coupon code will let you make all your online aspirations come true without making a huge hole in your pocket.

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