Importance of data recovery

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Information is key for success in the modern, information based world. But sometimes the devices designed to hold that information give out. At that point data loss occurs and it is up to us to remedy the situation.

Why bother?

Some information can not be replicated and often data is the result of hours, days or weeks of production. Therefore it is valuable. So valuable that not having it is a loss to your business and a setback. You want to recover that data as soon as possible and in an efficient way.

What causes data loss?

There are two major reasons why data loss happens. One is the mechanical failure that is caused from either faulty production, wear or any other combination of factors.

The other cause for data loss is the failure of processing the data which happens on the software level.

Each type of data loss requires a different approach to recover the data. For mechanical failures we fix the data storage device or extract the data. For software failures, fixing the device does nothing. You will need to find the cause in the programming and remove/rewrite the obstacle.


How to avoid data loss

Things tend to break down. But if you apply the following steps, you may be able to avoid the direct impact of data loss or at least alleviate it.

  • The golden rule of handling data: make backups!
  • You can add a third layer by adding backups to backups
  • Maintain your data storage devices
  • Some storage devices have a limited time they are considered useful. Make regular copies
    Those easy steps will ensure you will be able to use your data when the primary storage device gives out. You may choose to have a backup made automatically or do it manually. Many solutions are available, from cloud storage to external hard drives that will help you prevent data loss and with it avoid the need for data recovery services.

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